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An industry standard contract outlining the project scope, pricing, schedule of work (delivery), and boring legal stuff like confidentiality and copyright, will be provided with your quote. If you would like to see this contract in advance, no problem, just let me know.

If you have an industry specific confidentiality contract you would like signed, by all means, please send.

Plagiarism is not acceptable. Always make sure your words are your own. beop inc is not responsible for spotting or reporting copyright infringement, and will not, knowingly, edit it.

You are the creator of your work. You ALWAYS own the copyright.

general rates....

Proofreading is approximately $30.00 per hour, or by the project. See PROCESS & PRICE for a more detailed breakdown.

Copy Editing is approximately $40.00 per hour, or by the project. See PROCESS & PRICE for a more detailed breakdown.

Developmental Edits are approximately $50.00 per hour, or by the project. See PROCESS & PRICE for a more detailed breakdown.

Total Rewrites are approximately $60.00 per hour, or by the project. See PROCESS & PRICE for a more detailed breakdown.

Written From Scratch is approximately $60.00 per hour, 1.00 per word, or by the project. See PROCESS & PRICE for a more detailed breakdown.

Real Estate Blurbs (MLS, sell sheets, etc), approx. 200 to 250 words, researched and written for a $60.00 flat fee.

Prices per word, per page, and per hour, are estimates, so you know what to expect. Sometimes, though, it’s hard for you to know what your project really needs. No worries, I will tell you, in writing (quote), so we’re both clear on expectations.

Industry standard is 250 words per page. Editor’s Canada and Professional Writers Association Canada provide standard pricing guidelines for editing and writing per word, per page, by the hour, and by the project. Rates listed here follow these industry standards.

If a project takes longer than quoted and you have not made alterations, the time is mine to cover. When a project takes less time than quoted, you only pay for the time spent.

Prices are in Canadian and U.S. dollars. Applicable taxes will apply. For those living within the European Union, I am obliged to charge VAT at 21% on top of the quoted rates.

No minimum or maximum in regards to project size. I will write or edit one sentence or 150,000 pages, whatever needs to be done. There is, however, a minimum charge of one hour.

Estimates and sample edits are free.

special rates....

If English isn’t your first language, or your content includes academic or foreign terminology, your work might require a bit more attention. Content of this nature is usually deemed DIFFICULT TEXT, requiring more focused editorial assistance. Accurate quotes provided.

Localizing (Canadian English, American English, British English) text requires additional time to ensure accuracy. Projects of this nature will be quoted at an additional rate.

When billing by the hour, time will be tracked and reported, rounding up to the nearest 15 minutes. Since I get paid by the project and sometimes have an extensive waiting list, projects are done as quickly as possible, always keeping quality a priority.

Projects requiring rush attention could be quoted at an additional rate.

If a project requires the assistance of another editor or writer, one will be provided and could be quoted at an additional rate. This can apply to material requiring rush attention when I am fully booked, projects too large for one editor, or services beyond my scope.

payment methods....

I take cash, check (cheque), e-transfer, PayPal, and bank transfer, in Canadian or U.S. funds. Basically, everything but the currency of love. Well, I am a sucker for hugs.

Projects under $250.00 are generally paid up front. Projects over $250.00 are invoiced in two increments: 50% upon signing (the editorial agreement), 50% upon completion. Other options can be discussed.

Terms and conditions are noted on invoices. Generally, payments are due upon receipt or within 7 days. Long standing clients get special billing. Call it a loyalty perk.

PayPal charges a small fee for their services, please consider this in your payments.

business details....

If you have a massive project, or several large projects on a tight timeline, no worries, I have a team of professional, award-winning authors and editors. Together, we have decades of experience. We rock.

Never, ever, send anyone, including me, your only copy. And please check files are not corrupt before sending.

Edits are performed in accordance with the current edition of Chicago Manual of Style (the industry’s bible), and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, along with standard editorial practices supported by the American Editors Association and Editors Canada.

Documents can be sent to me as word documents, jpgs, pdfs, and more. I usually edit using Microsoft Word and the track changes tool, or old-fashioned pen and paper. Before starting a project, we will discuss your preferences and I will follow your wishes.

Looking for a calibre (Canadian), calibre (British), or caliber (American) editor? Look no further. I can edit your preferred spelling with consistency.

A writer / editor, no matter how talented, cannot catch every single mistake. Even published books that have gone through several rounds of editing have errors. I’ve got four eyes out front and two in the back, and all six will do their very best.

Editing takes time. A lot of time. And I need more than one client; my kids like to eat. Be patient. I’m worth the wait.

As a freelancer, I am an entrepreneur. I run beop inc, a freelance purchasing and editorial services company. I am a professional writer and editor. I respect the industry I serve. This includes taking the following seriously: continued education, association membership, invoicing and taxes, keeping organized records, industry standard contracts, respecting copyrights and trademarks, researching laws within the industry, networking, interacting with clients professionally, and operating my business to high ethical standards.

Recommended sites (and links) for editorial industry information: Editors Canada, Professional Writers Association of Canada, Canadian Authors Association, Writers’ Union of Canada, Writers Guild of Canada, Editorial Freelancers Association, Ontario Arts Council, and Canada Council for the Arts.

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