editorial services for professionals…

you are educated, experienced, and great at what you do. But let’s be honest, the paperwork sucks. So does all the marketing needed to keep your business afloat. Your time could be better spent.

editors and writers are masters of words, of detail and organization. We work with you, but can also work with your graphic designer, ad agency, printer, photographer, marketing team, translator, and other editors, completing your project on time and on budget. We edit and write almost anything, from resumes, to corporate websites, government assessments, to best-selling books. We make your message clear, and save you time and money.

i am an editor. I make you look good.

what needs editing…?

any report or document you write. Marketing used to promote you or your office, firm, agency. Aunt Bertha’s eulogy.

want more, like the nitty-gritty...?

we also do…  templates – websites – blogs – ad copy – bios – press releases – articles – books – annual reports – presentations – cover letters – legal documents – magazine articles – social media – government assessments and reports – briefs – grant proposals – brochures – newsletters – academia – trade show material – manuals – business plans – email campaigns – interviews – speeches – dictations – resumes – marketing material – real estate blurbs   …just to name a few

haven’t got a finished project to edit? Not even sure where to start?

no problem. I’ll create it for you, written from scratch.

what kind of editing do you need…?

professionals have unique specialties, even within a field. Your writing and editing needs are just as diverse. One document might need a complete overhaul, another might be (almost) ready to print. Another might be an idea in your head, not yet on paper. The key is knowing what kind of editorial assistance you require.

this is where I shine….


your last set of eyes when you’ve done a great job writing your stuff, an editor has waved her magic, and you still need to catch prior-to-send spelling errors, punctuation mishaps, and grammar faux pas. I’ll zap your typos before you spend a fortune on printing and publishing.

you need a proofreader with superpower focus. I’m your gal.

copy editing

this in-depth line-by-line edit will not only cover spelling, punctuation, and grammar, it will target clunky words, fix tense issues, correct sentence structure, fine-tune phrasing, flow, and tone, and ensure format consistency. A copy edit is, in fact, what most projects need.

you only get one shot to make an impression. Don’t mess it up.

total rewrite

let’s face it, writing is not your thing. You are good at what you do, and you are not a writer or editor.

if you have something written but know it’s a red-hot mess needing resuscitation, a total rewrite is what the doc scrawled on that prescription. A total rewrite takes an existing piece of work, makes a diagnosis, deconstructs, rebuilds, refines, and releases using your existing words.

written from scratch

stay focused on your profession,  where your passion lives. 

a writer creates brands, intrigues an audience. A writer finds unique angles to craft meaningful work that speaks your language while translating for laypeople. A writer understands your strengths and weaknesses, your target market, and gives you a voice.

i will make sense of your meaning.

“I was surprised to learn how easy it was to hire an editor. We had a chat and agreed to work together. I emailed the project, confirmed the cost, and signed a contract. That’s basically it. Easy-peasy.”

“I’ve got handwritten notes that need to be typed. Spelling isn’t something I’m good at and I type v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w. My editor does both, well.”

“A talented web designer lives and breathes tech. Coding, programming, graphics, search engines, plug-ins, add-ons, e-commerce…he’s got you covered. But content is king, it’s the very reason your audience goes to your website; to get answers only you can provide. And your graphic guy, however awesome, is not a copy writer or editor.”

“English is not my first language. So making sure my associates and clients understand my message is vital to my business. Heck, it’s vital to my career. An editor makes my message clear.”

“I am really impressed with what beop inc has done with my reports. I did not want to rewrite reports myself, so I appreciate the help. Thanks and fantastic!” 

Bob Rosic M.A. C.Psych. RRP. Psychologist

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