editorial services for students…

i graduated with a degree in marketing and advertising. I’ve written award winning novels. And my work-in-progress, a novel titled No Apology For Being, is about a twenty year-old struggling with school, work, and money (a lack thereof). I know what it’s like to be a student; the want to please your parents, the need to start your life. There is enough on your plate. Stop worrying about your marks.

“After working hard on a paper, if my prof deducts marks for spelling or grammar, or doesn’t understand my writing, I’ll be frustrated my mark isn’t as high as it could be.”

what you really need is an editor.

what needs editing…?

any report or document you write.

want the deets...?

we do…  papers – reports – projects – thesis – bios – essays – articles – dissertations – presentations – cover letters – legal documents – financial aid applications – government assessments and reports – briefs – grant proposals – academia – business plans – reference letters – interviews – speeches – dictations – resumes    …and pretty well anything else you can think of.

unfortunately, WRITTEN FROM SCRATCH, is not an option for students. Professors require you actually do the work to get the mark. Besides, you want to learn this stuff, right? It’s the reason you’re in school to start with. I will, however, help you.

you do the work, I will make it shine.

what kind of editing do you need…?

like buying a new pair of gym shoes, there are several options in your size, and all will fit differently. Most are cool options, and at least one will make your game. 

the ball is in my court….


your last set of eyes when you’ve done a great job writing your stuff, but need to catch prior-to-send spelling errors, punctuation mishaps, and grammar faux pas. I’ll zap your typos before you submit to your teacher or spend a ton on printing. 

“For a couple bucks I could’ve caught all those last-minute mistakes that lowered my grade.”

need a proofreader? I’m your chick.

copy editing

this in-depth line-by-line edit will not only cover spelling, punctuation, and grammar, it will zap clunky words, fix tense issues, correct sentence structure, fine-tune phrasing, flow, and tone, and ensure format consistency. A copy edit is, in fact, what most projects need.

you only get one shot to make an impression. Don’t mess it up.

total rewrite

 if you have something written but know it’s a red-hot mess, a total rewrite will keep your mark up. A total rewrite takes an existing piece of work, makes a diagnosis, deconstructs, rebuilds, refines, and releases using your existing words. It’s useful when you’ve worked hard on a project but seem to be making it worse as you try to fix it. Eyes have glazed over, you’re about to chug another Red Bull….

“English isn’t my first language, and I’ve got to be sure that what I’ve written is clear. My future depends on it.”

“I’ve got handwritten notes that need to be typed. Spelling isn’t something I’m good at and I type v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w. My editor does both, well.”

“There is a big difference between Canadian English, American English, and British English. Keeping consistent in one or the other isn’t easy when the internet exposes us to various dialects, causing confusion and creating bad habits. My editor catches these errors.”

“I was surprised to learn how easy it was to hire an editor. We had a chat and agreed to work together. I emailed the project needing help, confirmed the cost, and signed a contract. That’s basically it.”

“It’s perfectly okay to write garbage. As long as you edit brilliantly.”

like what you see but need to know more?

seen enough to know what you need?